B2B Ecommerce Solution in Noida :

Business to Business is the short form used for the majority of electronic commerce today. Interorganizational system (IOS) transactions as well as electronic market transactions between organizations are included. As B2B implies that both the seller and the buyer are business corporations (the deal will be between business to business persons), business-to-business electronic commerce implies that the buyers are individual consumers. In business to business, an enterprise or business forms electronic relationships with distributors, resellers, suppliers, and other business partners.

  • Reduce Cost through long-term customer loyalty
  • A new target group also means additional revenue
  • Compare products and get the least pricing
  • Higher transaction value through business purchases
  • Advanced filter options for sellers and order status updates for customer
  • The personal and yet serious design of B2B Shops
  • Clear structure and collaborative shopping
  • The opportunity to expand
  • Increased brand awareness through an additional channel
  • Expose your brand to wider audience by capitalizing on social media
  • Simplify user entries and enrollments
  • Set national and international shipping costs for each product
  • Set your sales channel in offline mode while on vacation
  • Hassle-free product management options for Sellers and Marketplace operator
  • Instruct and guide throughout
  • Keep yourself, your sellers and customers informed
  • Stay connected with your sellers
  • Integrated live updates on progress, possessions and payments
  • A simple mechanism to calculate individual commissions

B2C Ecommerce Solution:

Business to Consumer, also known as B2C, is when a business starts with the consumer and ends with the consumer. When we design a business to consumer e-commerce website, it keeps the consumer in mind as well as the business person.

Better knowledge and customer satisfaction:

By registering the needs of customers immediately and accurately, customers gain access to new market opportunities, and they understand the market better.

Shopping as Experience:

For customers interacting directly with manufacturers on the Web, the creative aspects of configuration can be a unique experience. Therefore, the process allows customers to emotionally connect with a product by becoming designers. But integrating customers into the design process not only strengthens their connection to the product, it also results in a positive perception of the actual sales process. In online-retailing, this directly impacts customers' satisfaction with the acquired product.

  • Product – price, sales history etc.
  • Customers – sales history and forecast.
  • Suppliers - Product line and lead-duration, sales terms and conditions.
  • Product process – capacity, product plan.
  • Competitors – market share product offerings.
  • Sales and marketing – promotions.
  • Supply chain process – quality, delivery time etc.

Higher Customer Loyalty:

Configuration information (product specifications, customer profiles, etc.) contributes to long-term customer relationships. This information can be used to address customers individually. In contrast, it can be accessed and re-used for follow-up orders. Therefore, a second configuration will be considerably quicker than the first. It encourages customers to remain loyal to the company rather than switch to another company and restart the entire configuration process all over again.

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