Terms & Conditions

We believe in keeping transparency and in order to keep it crystal clear know our terms and conditions as stated below.

Standard terms and conditions

These terms and conditions shall govern the use of the Brain Code Infotech website (https://www.braincodeinfotech.com ) and the purchase of any products or services from it. The website is owned and operated by Brain Code Infotech. Given policies and terms of services are mandatory for signing up with us and using any of our services. Kindly make sure that you read the terms carefully and agree to the same before signing up. If you have any query or questions about the same, you may contact us any time.

Please note that by accessing, using or browsing this website you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Brain Code Infotech reserves the right to change the use terms anytimewithout providing notice. By using the website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions. We are serving a huge community of clients and it has been always our first priority to care about the security of each and every client.

Copyright in the braincodeinfotech.com website is property of Brain Code Infotech, This property may only be used for the purposes of browsing the Brain Code Infotech website and acquiring digital products and services of Brain Code Infotech. You may access and use the Service solely in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and any posted policies and procedures that appear on the Web Site. Any use of the Web Site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Payment Information

We have a strict policy of accepting payments, we do not work without advance payment. Below are our payments terms for various services:

Website Designing & Development Services: 50% advance payment to be done; Rest 50% after website completion btu before making live on the main domain and hading over the login credentials. Website will not be made live in any case before full paymet. Also, there are certain things- Form working testing on main domain, Lice chat integration, payment gateway integration, few on-page SEO process, sitemap, Robot.txt creation- which needs domain validation- these will be done after website is live and full payment only.

Any Monthly Service (SEO, SMO, Digital Markeitng, Paid Marketing, etc): Each month advance payement only. For more than 10 days delay in payment, the work will be paused till the payment is recieved- This will only hamper your result.

Strategy Development/Content Writing: For these services, full advance payment is only accepted.

We will try our best to contact you, by all the possible means, yet it is your (client's) responsibility to keep up accurate and updated details, like address, contact and billing information etc. Regular updates of details : We use the contact details that are contemporarily available with us. In case, you fail to receive our notices due to changed contact address (which you have not updated with our records), we will not be responsible for the same. The responsibility to keep information current totally lies with the clients. We are not responsible for the action taken in consequence to the client's failure to receive/respond to the notices sent by Brain Code Infotech.

The company will not provide the content through any other media such as CD, pen drive, movable drives etc. to avoid unwanted complications and technical issues. On provision of this information, you would be solely responsible for the login information as well as content of the sites so provided. All payments for services Brain Code Infotech have to be made in favour of "Brain Code Infotech" or payment method shared by official email id- "info@braincodeinfotech.com" only. We have not authorized any individual or organization to collect payments in any other name (i.e. any other individual, paytm or organization name) for any services rendered by Brain Code Infotech. Make sure you pay to the account information or paytm number as emailed to you bt "info@braincodeinfotech.com" only. You are informed that under no circumstances will Brain Code Infotech be liable for any damage caused in your business transaction to such fraudulent individuals or organizations.


For fastest resolution for your issues with services or products, e-mail us to contact@braincodeinfotech.com, Our support team will repy withing 24 hours or call to understand the issue if required in order to help you out ASAP.